Green Energy

Confederation College Green Energy Program

Students will be provided with a comprehensive introduction to the concept of net zero and its critical role in addressing climate change and achieving a sustainable future. Students will explore a range of topics related to net zero strategies, renewable energy, energy consumption, carbon measurement and reporting, emission reporting regulations, climate financing, and communication strategies. There will be a combination of lectures, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises.


Net Zero 101 Part A

What is Net Zero is and why is it important? Explore current trends and learn the fundamentals and principles and how to set targets and strategies.
Stackable – 14 hours – Online delivery

course date: May 8–June 19, 2024


Net Zero 101 – Part B

In continuation of Part A, you will focus on Greenhouse Gas, Net Zero and Climate financing, and Carbon offsetting. An overview of Carbon Neutral buildings, strategies and limitations and Net Zero reporting and regulations.
Stackable – 14 hours – Online delivery

course date: October 2 – November 13, 2024

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