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Here are some of our many Continuing Education program options:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Canadian Certified Administrative Professional
  • Client And Customer Relations
  • Commercial Construction Management
  • Construction Estimator
  • eLearning Developer
  • Food Service Worker
  • Fundraising Management
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Health Records Clerk
  • Home Inspection
  • Hospital Ward Clerk
  • Instructional Design
  • Leadership Development Series
  • Legal Office Assistant
  • Legal Skills
  • Management Studies
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Nephrology Nursing
  • Palliative Care
  • Retirement And Long Term Care Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Workplace Health And Safety

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Continuing Education

Spanish for Travellers - LA753

This course will provide beginner-level learners planning to travel to Spanish-speaking countries with words, expressions, questions, sentences, and tips needed for specific situations such as greeting and addressing people, checking into a hotel, getting around town, eating out, shopping, and obtaining information.

Join us for fun interactive evenings learning a new language to prepare you for your future travel adventure.

  • Dates Wednesday evenings 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
    March 6 - April 24 (8 weeks)
  • Price $149.16
  • Instructor D. Lima

Class to be taught at Thunder Bay campus in the Shuniah building room 262

Make sure to contact the bookstore to purchase the required textbook.

807 475 6225

Spanish for Travellers

At the time of publication not all courses were available. Please contact the Continuing Education department to find out what other courses are running this winter.

Daily Foot Health Program


The daily foot health program includes two parts. The theory has lessons that lead up to the hands-on workshop where you gain exposure to the daily foot health practices, and highlights the essential role of support personnel as part of an interdisciplinary team, promoting prevention of infection, complication reduction, and improved overall health.

Learn daily maintenance and healthy foot health practices

Space is limited. Register early to avoid disappointment

Program Details


  • Northwestern Ontario Resident
  • legally entitled to work in Canada
  • 18 years or older

Who Should Take This:

Personal Support Workers, Family Members, Caregivers, and Patients!

807 475

Foot Care Nurse Clinical

Professional Development for RN, RPN, LPN, and NP

This course uses the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada as Clinical Performance Standards and is led by a Foot Care Nurse Educator.

  • Theory course provides a theoretical foundation for nurses preparing for a career in nursing foot care.
  • Clinical course provides in-class and hands-on practical experience working with people from the community providing footcare under the guidance of the Educator.
  • This course (110 hours) asynchronous, an onsite clinical training (43 hours).
  • NEW – Clinical Locations 2024

Fall 2024 Dates TBA. Contact us today for more details: (807)475-6550 or email

foot care nurse clinical

For more information and to register visit:

Foot Care Nurse Clinical

Health & Community Services Courses

Motivational Interviewing - AD101

Motivational interviewing is a client-centered, collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation to change. This course will examine the foundational principles and practices of motivational interviewing in addictions and mental health. Students will learn how to apply the values, processes, and skills of this approach to promote client behaviour change for individuals with a mental illness and/or addiction. This course is part of the Additions and Mental Health program.

  • Dates May 6 - June 21
  • Location Course Offered Online
  • Instructor Richard Tatebe

Safety & Crisis Intervention - CD230

In this course, students will examine crisis intervention for individuals living with addiction and mental health problems. Indicators of suicide, self-harm, and violence will be explored in relation to risk assessment and management strategies. Students will examine safety planning, risk management practices, and non-violent crisis intervention to respond to situations that may arise when working with clients. This course is part of the Additions and Mental Health program.

  • Dates May 6 - June 21
  • Location Course Offered Online
  • Instructor Kim Gerrish

Social Welfare - SS116

In this course, students will examine historical development and current political and ideological influences on the social welfare system in Canada. This course also examines contemporary challenges being experienced by Canadians living within the social welfare system and role of the professions of Social Work and Social Service Work in assisting with addressing those challenges. This course is part of the Social Services Worker program.

  • Dates May 6 - June 9
  • Location Shuniah Classroom 171
  • Instructor Shawn Untinen
  • Tuesdays 9:30 a.m. — 12:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday 9:30 a.m. — 12:30 a.m.
  • Thursday 9:30 a.m. — 12:30 a.m.

Anatomy and Human Physiology I - SN100

This course describes human anatomy and physiology at the cellular, tissue, organ, and system levels of organization. Aspects of this course will concentrate on the clinical application of anatomy and physiology. The course is delivered each week as three (3) hours of lecture, three (3) hours of laboratory activity. This course is part of Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

  • Dates May 6th - June 21st
  • Instructor Ryan Quinn


  • 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Shuniah classroom TBA
  • 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Shuniah Lab D313


  • 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Shuniah classroom TBA
  • 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Shuniah Lab D313

Anatomy and Human Physiology II - SN200

This course continues the description of the anatomy and physiology of a healthy adult human body that was begun in SN100. The cellular, tissue and organ levels will be studied as they apply to the following organ systems: nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, immune, digestive, urinary and reproductive. In addition, an examination of fluid, acid/base and electrolyte balance will be undertaken. Aspects of clinical relevance will be included for several systems. The course includes, weekly, three hours of theory in lecture format and three hours of lab activity. Pre-Requisite SN100. This course is part of Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Dates July 2nd, Aug 16th


9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Shuniah classroom TBA

1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Shuniah Lab D313


9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Shuniah classroom TBA

1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Shuniah Lab D313

Client & Customer Relations

Learn strategies and techniques that will help you solidify and enhance your client relations skills and build positive, lasting relationships with clients. The program prepares graduates to build teams of staff dedicated to excellent service delivery, to identify, mitigate and avoid confrontational situations with internal and external clients, and to create and promote an organizational service culture.

Total of 6 courses in program required for completion to receive Confederation College Recognition of Achievement.

All the courses in this program are offered online and asynchronous learning.

See below list of courses that are available to take this spring.

Creating a Corporate Service Culture - OL037

Students review the basics of corporate culture and how corporate culture impacts on customer service. Areas of study include service environment, organizational openness and influencing others to adopt a service culture. As a project, students learn to create a customer service culture action plan based on identifying gaps between current and desired practices.

Developing Client Service Teams - OL121

Students explore the economics of client value and the importance of building a quality service delivery team that ensures that service is provided in a stellar fashion and that employees buy-in to corporate culture and strategies that deliver the bottom-line stakeholders are hoping to achieve. This course includes mandatory group work. We recommend viewing the course schedule immediately upon logging into the course to view course and group work requirements.

Strategies for Fostering Client Loyalty - OL126

Goods and services are no longer an adequate basis for establishing relationships with clients because they attach an emotional connection to the products they use and to the businesses at which they shop. Students explore insights and ideas in order to create lasting and genuine customer relationships that withstand the competitive overtures of other companies. They explore the process of developing and sustaining client relationships that establish an emotional connection, manage difficult relationships (such as those that take place via technology or at great distances) and help to determine the pulse of client relationships.

Building and Maintaining Customer Relationships - OL155

In this course, students develop an understanding of customer service and the skills associated with understanding the needs of customers, meeting those needs, and fostering an environment that encourages customers to return.

Then select two from the options listed below

Introduction to Business Management and Organizational Behaviour - OL173

This subject is an examination of the contemporary Canadian business environment including the organization, leadership and management decision process which influences the behaviour of individuals and groups. Increased global competition, technological change and the rising expectations of both employees and employers have underlined the need for improved and more effective leadership. This subject provides a better understanding of this process. This course includes mandatory group work. We recommend viewing the course schedule immediately upon logging into the course to view course and group work requirements.

Introduction to Business Management - OL341

This course will cover a wide variety of introductory topics that relate to the management of a company or other organization. The course will focus on the factors that affect the success of businesses in Canada. It will review the entrepreneurial spirit and character it takes for individuals to start their own business. It will explore different kinds of business types and the way they compete in the global economy today. The course introduces management techniques, business planning, as well as ethical business practices. There will be brief coverage of the successful management of financial resources.

Management and Leadership Skills - OL373

You will gain an understanding of management and leadership styles. As a manager or supervisor in today’s changing economic and political climate, you will manage the many practical aspects of a business and provide leadership by motivating, empowering, and supporting staff. Note: Course contains mandatory group work. We recommend viewing the course schedule immediately upon logging into the course to view course and group work requirements.

Green Energy

Confederation College Green Energy Program

Students will be provided with a comprehensive introduction to the concept of net zero and its critical role in addressing climate change and achieving a sustainable future. Students will explore a range of topics related to net zero strategies, renewable energy, energy consumption, carbon measurement and reporting, emission reporting regulations, climate financing, and communication strategies. There will be a combination of lectures, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises.


Net Zero 101 Part A

What is Net Zero is and why is it important? Explore current trends and learn the fundamentals and principles and how to set targets and strategies.
Stackable – 14 hours – Online delivery

course date: May 8–June 19, 2024


Net Zero 101 – Part B

In continuation of Part A, you will focus on Greenhouse Gas, Net Zero and Climate financing, and Carbon offsetting. An overview of Carbon Neutral buildings, strategies and limitations and Net Zero reporting and regulations.
Stackable – 14 hours – Online delivery

course date: October 2 – November 13, 2024

Learn More

Technology and Trades

Carpenter's Choice - ZC159

Have you always wanted to try your hand at woodworking and can’t commit to a lengthy course? Do you have an idea for a small project that you need help with? We will supply the expert, shop, tools and the plans (upon approval and consultation with the instructor), you supply the materials to create your own project. Safety, project review and materials list will be discussed at first class. Come out and learn a new skill in a safe and encouraging environment while creating a one-of-a-kind piece. Some woodworking knowledge would be an asset.

Classes held in the Dorion building Thunder Bay campus room 169.

Session date:

  • Dates March 4 - April 11
    Thursday evenings 6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
  • Price $180.80
  • Instructor T. Charlton
Carpenter Program

Updates Online
The material in this publication has been prepared well in advance of the dates. It is the most current and accurate information available at time of printing, updated course offerings are available online.

Course Offerings

Ozone Depletion Prevention - IB802

Canada’s Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Training Program is based on Environment Canada’s “Code of Practice for Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems”. This course will deal with environmentally correct equipment design, proper handling of refrigerants, and will prepare participants for complying with provincial regulations covering refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Each attendee will receive the Participant Manual to refer to in class and take home. Participants who achieve a mark of 75% or better on the exam will receive an Ozone Depletion Prevention (ODP) card. This card must be renewed every five years for those who purchase or handle refrigerants across Canada. Note: this course is strictly theory and does not incorporate hands-on training. Anyone in residential, commercial, industrial, domestic, automotive and mobile cooling applications would benefit from taking this course. This course is offered via distance education where the students and instructor in Thunder Bay are joined by students through Blackboard. Students attend class at home/office through Blackboard.

Attention Employers or Sponsors: If you wish to sponsor one or more employees or clients for a specific course, we can simplify the process for you. The course is delivered online synchronous learning or can be set up as in class. Contact us today by emailing us at:

Continuing Education

Dates to be determined and will run based on interest list meeting minimum requirement.
Contact us today to be added to our interest list at: or call (807) 475-6641 for additional information. Delivery Method: Online Learning Synchronous Through Blackboard.

Fees: $298.89
Instructor: TBA

Continuing Education(807) 475-6641

Online Programs

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Part-Time Programs

Upcoming Winter 2024 General Interest Courses

These in-person courses are offered during the Winter and Fall semesters. Available to anyone interested for Evenings and Weekends. New students are Welcome!

Welding, Culinary, Languages, Visual Arts and Special Interests

Class enrollment is limited! For complete listing of available courses, visit the website:

RegisterJust Fun

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We’re looking for exciting new course to offer at our campus.

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Career Samplers

Pixel Peepers

Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12

Do you love taking photos with your phone, digital camera or device but can’t figure out how to capture anything more than simple snapshots? Go from random snapper to top-end photographer as you learn how to use your cellphone and digital camera to the best of its ability. Smartphone, mobile or whatever type of photography you want to call it, it’s clear that taking great pictures with a phone has become a thing now. With the right knowledge and the right techniques, you can use your phone to take photos that are so great that nobody would believe they were taken with a phone! Add some software to the mix, and you’ve got a great recipe for some creative photography no matter what device you use. Make sure to bring your cellphone or digital camera or both. A tripod is also recommended. Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather as you will spend time outdoors getting the perfect shot and bring out your creative side.

Pixel Peepers

Build Your Ride (NEW)

July 8 - July 12 (WAITLISTED)

Build Your Ride

Building your own ride can be a fun and rewarding experience where you get to customize your own bike to suit your needs and preferences.

Are you up to the challenge?

Begin by selecting your frame, get to understand the parts, tools, techniques, and little details that go into building your own ride. All frames, parts, and tools will be supplied. Get to know the basic maintenance and repair skills of easy mechanical things you can do to maintain and modify your bike at home.

Test drive your new ride on our college trails and take your new ride home at the end of the week.

If we have more time we may tackle additional DIY projects.

Interactive Media Discovery Week

Monday, July 15 - Friday, July 19

Have fun exploring the world of Interactive Media Development with digital photography, graphic design, 3D, animation, and game design using industry standard software and equipment! Learn how to take photos for stop motion animation and edit them to create character spritesheets and moving backgrounds for a fun video game design experience. Using digital media design and creation techniques, we will bring your creations to life by designing characters that can walk, jump, duck and run with a beginner level introduction to video game coding using HTML5 and JavaScript. Pack your lunch and join us for a fun-fi lled week experiencing new ideas in the media arts while making new friends and creating cool Interactive Media experiences.

Make sure to bring your choice of a camera, cell phone or tablet along with your sketch book, pencils, markers, and pencil crayons for colouring.

Interactive Media Discovery Week

Level Up! (NEW)

Monday, July 22 - Friday, July 26


“Level Up! Is a fun game design experience where it doesn’t matter what your experience with computers or computer programming is. You will be introduced to the basics of game design and have a blast developing and creating your very own video game!  We will use the latest in technology with fun non-tech activities to create an engaging well-rounded experience for 10 – 14 year-old youths. Each day is designed to maximize your creativity with challenging activities.

Level Up

Kitchen Wizards

2 Sessions for Summer 2024

Monday July 15 - Thursday 18


Monday, July 29 - Thursday August 1


Join us and learn how to be a wizard in the kitchen where you will learn to make delicious and healthy meals from scratch! Indulge in your passion for food preparation with our expert chefs guiding you through the fundamentals of cooking.

Get exposed to a wide range of cuisine culture and cooking techniques with firsthand practice and the opportunity to use professional utensils in our exceptional kitchen facilities collaborating with your peers in a following procedures and instructions to master your own kitchen wizardry.
Learn to make fresh pasta and homemade pizza; master your baking skills with classic treats like cookies and muffins, all in a supportive environment with a fun hands-on approach. Join us and have a blast while you build essential cooking skills to last a lifetime!

Kitchen Wizards

Filmmaking 101 (NEW)

Monday, July 28 - Friday, August 2

Ready, Set, Action!

Have you ever watched a movie and asked yourself “How did they do that?” Maybe you’re thinking about a career in filmmaking but are not sure how to start on that path? Our curated 1-week program has been designed by Industry Professionals to give you the opportunity to understand and experience filmmaking firsthand by working in a small group to write, film and edit a film of your very own. You can then invite your friends and family to join us as we screen your film in our new state-of-the-art movie theatre located right inside our campus grounds at Confederation College!

Filmmaking 101

Wood Works For Trades (NEW)

August 6 – August 9


This introduction to the world of industrial design through woodworking and carpentry will enable youth to develop modern skills safely in our college workshop.

Find out how useful woodworking can be by gaining experience with a large variety of tools and learning the differences between hardwoods and softwoods qualities and uses. Develop dexterity and skills through the planning process, developing organizational skills through the planning stages, and execute hands-on tasks to complete their builds.

In the process of building multiple projects, learn modern wood preparation including measuring, joinery, sanding, routing, cutting, gluing, finishing techniques and so much more in this action-packed camp. Turn wood into your own finished masterpiece of your own imagination.

Clear For Take Off (NEW)

August 12 - August 16

Clear for Take Off

Have you ever looked at a plane going overhead and wondered what makes it fly?

Have you thought about what it would be like to fly a plane yourself?

Join us at our Aviation Centre of Excellence (ACE) for a one-of-a-kind week when you will be introduced to the world of aviation. Find out about different aerospace career pathways for a unique combination of fun and discovery. Explore hands on activities including demonstrations interactive computer flight simulations, aircraft mechanics, and much more. Be prepared to be challenged and immersed in the world of flight.

Nindinawemaaganig (NEW)

August 6 - August 9



‘In all my relations’. Which includes any animate and inanimate things that the land offers; plants, land, water, rocks, trees, people, animals, etc.

Our Nindinawemaaganig career sampler is a unique and enriching opportunity for youth aged to explore various career paths while connecting deeply with their cultural heritage and the land. This short-term project, organized by our college, aims to empower young learners by introducing them to diverse professions and skills within a land-based context.

Registration Opens Monday, March 25

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