At Thunder Bay Catholic, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality education while fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment. Founded on the principles of Catholic education, our Board welcomes students from all faith backgrounds, recognizing the value of diversity in shaping well-rounded individuals.

At TBCDSB, we prioritize the development of deep learning skills, nurturing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication among our students. Our curriculum is designed to empower learners with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

We take pride in our tradition of academic excellence, continually striving to support each student in reaching their full potential. Through personalized learning experiences and dedicated educators, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for learning and achievement.

From modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology to specialized facilities for arts, sports, and sciences, we ensure that students have access to resources that enhance their educational journey.

We are committed to providing an exceptional education that not only prepares students for academic success but also nurtures their spiritual, social, and emotional growth, empowering them to become compassionate, responsible, and contributing members of society.

tbcdsb | group of St. Francis students stand, wearing cool sunglasses.

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