Preparing for Kindergarten

Children arrive at school with different backgrounds, experiences, and are at different stages of development. Educator teams (teachers and early childhood educators) in partnership with parents/guardians work to provide learning experiences that will build each student’s confidence.

The Kindergarten Program is a two-year program. First year students (who are mostly four year olds) are considered Year One students and second year students (who are mostly Five years old) are considered Year Two students. This program provides a foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, health, and well-being. Partnerships with families and communities are essential. This program guides children to respect diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is an intentional, planned program that supports learning through explicit teaching, play and inquiry that capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity.

Parents of Year Two students can choose either an English or French Immersion program.

If you require more information about school zones or transportation options, please visit or call Student Transportation Services Thunder Bay at (807) 625-1660.

We invite you to watch our Kindergarten Videos on YouTube with your family.

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