International Baccalaureate Programme

What is IB?

The IB World School offers an enriched, accelerated course of study based on the best aspects of education systems around the world. The curriculum has an international focus, and encourages students to think beyond themselves and their communities. The nature of this programme helps students to develop critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as organization and time management skills. In general, the programme aims to provide students with a well-balanced education. Ultimately, students graduate with a diploma that is recognized by universities in 145 countries around the world. Internationally, the IB Programme has become a symbol of academic integrity and intellectual promise.

Information about the IB Programme

Prospective students and their families are invited to visit Click on the IB icon and navigate to “IB Information for Gr 8 Students/Parents.”

Programme Information

Students in the IB Programme receive a unique educational experience.

IB students will:

  • Be encouraged to think independently and drive their own learning;
  • Take part in programmes of education that can lead them to some of the highest ranking universities around the world;
  • Become more culturally aware, through the development of a second language
  • Be able to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world.

IB Students Perform Better

IB World School students develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics. They are also likely to perform well academically – often better than students in other programmes.


Ms. Karen Watt
IB Coordinator
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333 High St. N
Thunder Bay, Ontario

International Baccalaureate Programme

Aiming to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. |


Academic Integrity — Intellectual Promise