Advanced Placement

Challenge Yourself!

Advanced Placement is a program that offers students the opportunity to participate in a more challenging academic program whose ultimate goal is to give students the option to take standardized Advanced Placement exams in Grade 12. Depending on the results and the university, students may receive advanced standing or university credit in First year.

Is Advanced Placement Right for Me?

Are you:

  • an independent and motivated learner with a strong work ethic?
  • an avid reader and effective communicator?
  • a strong critical and creative thinker who enjoys solving problems and analyzing how things work?
  • curious about the world around you and eager to challenge yourself to expand your learning in high school?

Westgate Collegiate & Vocational Institute
707 James St. S
(807) 577-4251

Superior Collegiate & Vocational Institute
333 High St. N
(807) 768-7284

Hammarskjold High School
80 Clarkson St.
(807) 767-8725

Students interested in Advanced Placement will begin taking Pre-AP courses in Grade 9. These courses, in addition to covering The Ontario Curriculum, will be enriched academic courses with the goal of exposing students to the vocabulary and style of AP examinations. It should be noted that students will be evaluated in exactly the same way as students in the regular academic stream; the expectations are not greater. The difference is that students will encounter more sophisticated content. These courses will naturally lead to Grade 12 AP courses, at the end of which the students will have the option of writing the AP Examinations, which occur in May each year. For more information about Advanced Placement, please contact Student Services at your high school.