Welcome to Senior Elementary!

Our curriculum integrates inquiry-based approaches, culture rooms and outdoor classrooms, fostering critical thinking, cultural appreciation, and environmental stewardship.

From immersive STEM experiences to bilingual education in French immersion, we prepare students for success in a rapidly evolving world. Our athletic programs promote teamwork and resilience, while our faith-based learning nurtures spiritual growth and moral development.

In our inclusive and supportive environments, every student is empowered to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually.

Design Technology
A rewarding program that offers a hands-on approach to learning, with real-life, practical applications for students

A full range of co-curricular activities
Whether you’re interested in sports or drama, our senior elementary schools have something for you!

Innovation and Creativity
The latest software and hardware: Smartboards, laptops, Chromebooks and iPads are just the beginning of our Board’s commitment to student success through leveraging digital.

Culinary Arts
Sound nutrition, proper food handling and appropriate cooking techniques form the basis of this program.

Guidance and Indigenous Counsellors
We know that each child is different and we strive to provide individual guidance and resources to meet their needs.

High School is Next!
Our Grade 7 and 8 schools operate on a rotary timetable, which helps our students prepare for secondary school.

Learn more about our Senior Elementary Schools, here!